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86% of experts are convinced that the boating sector will grow in the coming years

Yachting industry growth forecast

Updated on May 19th, 2024

The vast majority of company owners and yachting industry representatives we surveyed are confident of excellent prospects for further growth in the boating sector for at least the next decade. 73 out of 85 experts said that the market will grow even despite possible negative factors, among which the most frequently noted change in climate conditions. And perhaps even because of this.

However, some yacht market professionals rightly express doubts about the positive correlation between climate problems and a possible increase in demand for boats. And rightly so, because it is somewhat naive to think that a warming planet will give a boost to the motorboat industry because people will want to be closer to the water.

Obviously, these may not just be a few more warm days, but almost unpredictable and quickly changing weather conditions, with a wide temperature spread and, as a result, powerful hurricanes and other natural disasters. Thanks to computer modeling and common logic, it can be predicted that the frequency and severity of storms will increase, and weather anomalies may no longer be anomalies.

However, we have another material, which is based on a survey of numerous yachtsmen, which revealed that more than 70% of motor yacht owners will stay on the water as long as possible, even despite worsening climatic conditions. More than half of those surveyed said they were more likely to move to calmer and safer parts of the world’s oceans than to abandon the boat and go ashore.

The ongoing electrification of watercraft will ultimately lead to lower equipment costs, making the end product more affordable, and the increased efficiency, reliability and range of electric boats will undoubtedly attract long-distance cruisers. In addition, the electrification of boats and equipping them with modern computer control systems attracted many young people who wanted to own a boat, but were not ready to purchase an old-school diesel version and bother with fuel and lubricants. In addition, an increasing number of modern yachtsmen are driven by environmental considerations.