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Cruise around Northern Europe can be the best of your life

High latitude yacht charter

Updated on February 11th, 2024

Why might you want to leave the warm Mediterranean and go on a yacht cruise in high latitudes? There are several reasons for this.

You will never forget the northern landscapes of Scandinavia

There are many unique places on the planet that are breathtaking, but the European north is a special place. These are numerous islands and fjords, the rocks of which grow out of the water for tens and even hundreds of meters, forming an incredible sight. Icy mountain waterfalls and dense fragrant coniferous forests attract with their beauty.

Despite the popularity of these places among travelers, nature remains almost untouched and finding completely deserted places with fantastic views is not a problem. If you do not go far into the forest, then even mosquitoes will not bite you, they are effectively blown away by sea winds.

Whatever fjord you anchor in, you will always have an almost mystical feeling due to the mystique of these places. Looking at this splendor, one can easily understand the beliefs of the ancient Scandinavians about the great northern gods, who, according to legend, had a hand in creating these natural wonders.

It’s not so hot here

Naturally, if you are tired of the constant heat, then it’s time to move north. But sometimes the heat comes here in the summer, from which the locals, accustomed to coolness, do not know where to hide. However, the temperature in the northern seas is naturally much lower and contains less salt, so for many, swimming here becomes a more enjoyable experience than in the subtropics. Although, of course, such a contrast between the temperature of water and air is not suitable for everyone.

Everything is nearby

Northern Europe is very similar to the Mediterranean. Here, too, different countries settled side by side, the distance between which is quickly overcome. And although at first glance they have a similar culture, a closer look reveals that they are all very different, so you will find a lot of variety in cuisine and customs. You will never get bored of the monotony.

Solitude is much easier to find

This is true, because in the north the coastline is so indented that it is very easy to get lost and take a break from the whole world. Sharp drops in depths allow you to moor close to the rocks and go ashore without a tender, even if you have a sailboat with a ballast keel.

In addition, northern people need much more personal space and respect the privacy of others, so they will always try to stay away from you, out of sight if possible, so as not to interfere with each other.

You can enjoy the polar lights

Depending on the latitude and time of year, you can watch the aurora borealis directly from the board of your yacht. The combination of solar wind activity with the geomagnetic conditions of the planet gives rise to a dynamic natural work of art that can be observed endlessly, like fire and water.