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Nixie is more than just a beautiful superyacht

Nixie Ice-class superyacht

Updated on February 17th, 2024

Alice Gennai and Chiara Mariani have created their unique design project for the charter 50m superyacht Nixie with the idea to reduce the cost of its construction and benefit scientists involved in climate change research. So, Nixie is not just another big and luxurious white boat.

The project was developed under the guidance of professors Massimo Musio-Sale and Mario Ivan Zignego for the Laboratory of Yacht Design of the University of Genoa. Giorgio Casali and Giuseppe Ambrogi took part in the development of the hull of the yacht in order to comply with the ice class and able to serve as a support vessel for Laura Bassi, Italy’s only ocean research icebreaker. Thus, Nixie can be involved in the transfer of technicians to the base research stations of the circumpolar regions.

The superyacht is planned to be built more than half from recycled aluminium, but the quality of the material and classification will be strictly controlled by spectrometers. It would seem that steel is a more common choice for the polar latitudes, however, unlike most steel grades, aluminum does not become brittle at low temperatures. Instead, aluminum becomes stronger and its ductility and toughness increase.

Nixie will be equipped with the necessary instruments to collect data on the state of the sea and send it to the Institute of Oceanography and Geophysics, while guests enjoy a polar charter on a comfortable and safe superyacht with luxurious interiors. Considering that people always want to be a part of something big and important, we expect the demand for a Nixie charter to be very high.

At the same time, the yacht will not look like a brutal work vessel. On the contrary, Nixie has a rather elegant appearance with unusual hull and superstructure contours. As always, the Italians make everything extraordinarily stylish, so the interiors will be cozy and aristocratic. This superyacht will definitely stand out from the rest. However, few yachts can reach the high latitudes for which the Nixie was designed.