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Giant paper stapler from Silent Yachts – Explorer 120

Silent 120 Explorer

Updated on February 17th, 2024

Silent Yachts, since 2004, has been developing various layouts of its first multihulls, which were quite clumsy because they were literally built in an unequipped garage. However, no one cared about design, as the main goal was to test electrical equipment, after all, they were one of the pioneers of solar yachts.

Then, in 2016, the Silent 64 was introduced to the world, and for the rapid growth of the shipyard’s popularity, there was not even much need for marketing. And today, a new flagship is under construction: the 36.7-meter Silent 120. If you think it looks amazingly ugly, you’re not alone. Yes, it’s a truly terrible design, but it’s a true explorer with a helipad and 499 GT of internal capacity.

Silent 120 Explorer supercatamaran

With a width of almost 14 meters, the catamaran has an incredible area to accommodate all its guests in huge cabins, pools and bar counters scattered here and there. And although the catamaran looks like a huge paper stapler, it is an incredibly luxurious yacht in a unique layout.

Silent 120 Explorer super catamaran

The design is completely developed in the Marco Casali studio. Unfortunately, only the interior of the catamaran turned out beautiful. The same cannot be said about the exterior, which is why this yacht is included in our list of the ugliest boats in the world.

Silent 120 interiors

The yacht is expected to have a cruising speed of eight knots and a top speed of 16 knots. Solar panels are capable of delivering up to 40kW with additional support for standby generators. Catamarans are highly flexible in configuration, so Silent Yachts can cater to almost any customer request that would be impossible on monohull superyachts.