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Seares: mooring can be high-tech too

Seares: mooring can be high-tech too

Updated on May 19th, 2024

The company Seares claims that so far you have moored your yacht incorrectly, or at least not at all technologically. But don’t worry, you have a chance to improve. For this, it is enough to apply the innovative developments of the Italian company.

Seadamp Seares

Yes, these are piston hydraulic dampers, with the principle of operation like oil dampers on bicycles, but they are brought to perfection. And we’re not just talking about visible quality. Entirely constructed from high quality stainless steel and hard oxide anodized aluminum, each Seares damper model has undergone a 10-year simulation of offshore use in a salt fog chamber. And dampers can be used underwater.

Seares mooring

And, since the trend is now to mention the neutral impact on the environment, it must be added that the hydraulic fluid used for damping is completely biodegradable. Polar bears, dolphins and Greta Thunberg can be calm.

We understand that this may not seem like a high-tech solution for you, but wait, there is also the Seadamp Plus model. This damper uses a wave energy recovery system and thus can recharge your batteries while the yacht is in a marina or at a wild anchorage. You will definitely like this. And Greta too.

Yes, you won’t get huge amounts of power generation, but it’s much better than nothing at all. But the icing on the cake: Seadamp Plus can be used with IoT and includes RFID for full control of the smart charging system. Well, in a pinch, a beautiful LED backlight will tell you the current state of the system.

Seares makes dampers designed for yachts of various displacements, but in general they can be used for more than just mooring and anchoring. Yacht clubs will love the idea of ​​integrating Seadamp Plus into their piers.

We really like this useful contraption not only for its manufacturability, but also for the fact that it can be disassembled if it is suddenly necessary. However, breakage is unlikely, given the highest quality materials. And the loss of communication with the shore is completely impossible, even if the incredible happens and all internal mechanisms fail.

So, if you have not yet figured out what to give yourself for your birthday or New Year, then here is a cool idea for you. Don’t thank.