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How safe is it to sail around the world

Around the world on a motor yacht

Updated on October 2nd, 2023

We all know from childhood that the open sea is dangerous. Of course, this is true, because from a biological point of view, despite the fact that our body is a large self-propelled drop of water, we have long since become terrestrial life forms, and the underwater world has ceased to be our home.

However, many yachtsmen do not agree with this. Many of us still have the deepest psychological connection with the ocean, and despite our clumsiness and complete insecurity underwater, we, like millions of years ago, consider ourselves part of the sea, and the sea is part of ourselves. Although many yachtsmen are madly in love with boats and at the same time indifferent to the sea. This also happens.

The ocean is huge, harsh and has incredible power. It would seem that danger can lie in wait at every step. Nevertheless, circumnavigating the world is one of the safest ways to see the planet with your own eyes. Many will probably be surprised, but this is true. Naturally, the higher the level of your training (and, more importantly, the more experience), the more secure you are. A reliable seaworthy motor yacht and its technical equipment are also a guarantee of a safe crossing of the seas and oceans.

Storms and hurricanes

Scientists say that due to global warming, the strength and frequency of storms and hurricanes will increase. However, there are many yachtsmen, especially fast motor yacht owners, who have never been caught in a serious storm in many years of cruising. But even if this happens, for a reliable bluewater yacht, a typical storm is not a problem if the captain does everything right. If your yacht is able to cross the ocean, then it is already safe enough.

There are even cases of transatlantic travel in open boats with outboard motors. Although, of course, we do not recommend anyone to repeat this.

Diseases and injuries

There are no hospitals on the high seas and in other deserted corners of the planet, so first aid skills are required. On yachts with a professional crew, all members undergo mandatory training, including how to use sophisticated medical equipment. But for single sailors, everything depends only on themselves. Therefore, preparation here is no less important than for navigation.

Breakdowns and accidents

During the trip, you will inevitably encounter breakdowns of on-board equipment and banal wear and tear. But after a couple of repairs, you no longer perceive them as a disaster.

On a motor yacht, everything depends on the engines – they guarantee your safety. If a sailboat with a ballast keel does not experience a critical level of risk even if both sail and motor fail, if it is far from rocky shores, then on motor yachts, engine failure is a big problem during worsening weather.

Groundings and collisions with floating objects can have quite serious consequences. It all depends on the design, hull material and type of yacht. While you may all have heard horror stories of nighttime collisions with drifting shipping containers, the chances of this happening are extremely slim. And catastrophic groundings usually occur in coastal waters, within the reach of rescuers. At the same time, most groundings for a good boat are not as dramatic as they might seem, and occur at least once in a lifetime for all captains. It’s just a matter of time.

Be that as it may, a yacht in good technical condition, equipped with all safety equipment and a sane captain is a reliable transport that will open you an amazing world in another reality, the existence of which you may not have even suspected.

Sea pirates

Sometimes it’s not the ocean that brings the trouble, it’s the people. Piracy at sea remains a problem in the twenty-first century. The basins surrounding the poor and developing countries are too large to provide maritime patrols to protect yachtsmen and merchant ships from robbers. For such cases, superyachts often have armed guards on board, but the best advice that can be given here is not to plan a cruise in areas known for their pirate activity.

But none of that matters

When you leave the marina and go to sea, everything else ceases to matter. No breakdowns and storms will overshadow the happiness that yachting brings. In addition, although there is a small chance of meeting a bad person at sea, in the vast majority of cases you will meet only a special type of people: unusually generous and ready to do anything to help another. They make cruising and sailing even safer.