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The most popular charter destinations in the last 10 years

The best places for luxury yachting

Updated on May 19th, 2024

We have analyzed all the data sources available to us and compiled a ranking of the most popular charter destinations over the past decade. Basically, there are almost no surprises here, but today there is a clear trend in the growing popularity of such exotic places as, for example, the Arctic or Asia, including Japan. Obviously, this fact is very pleasing to builders of long-range trawlers and explorers.

Howbeit, here are the top 10 cruise destinations according to most yacht charterers:

  1. French Riviera
  2. All Italy
  3. Greece
  4. Adriatic: Croatia and Montenegro
  5. All of the Caribbean
  6. South of Spain
  7. Indonesia
  8. Hawaii
  9. Northern Europe
  10. Equally Galapagos, Australia and Emirates

The French Riviera and Monaco (as well as the Italian Riviera), being the birthplace of luxury yachting, where the unique glamorous marine lifestyle was born, never lose their appeal. However, today more and more people have begun to seek solitude, and therefore it is rare that the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea becomes the end point of the route.

People on charter and own yachts go further to discover the magic of Asia or the mysterious coastal scenery of the high latitudes. The market for reliable yachts with increased autonomy and range is on the rise today.