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Incredible explorer by Bassan&Benedetti

Incredible explorer by Bassan&Benedetti

Updated on February 17th, 2024

Oh, yes, this is what we love most after classic yachts – mighty explorers with huge range and unrivaled seaworthiness. The design of the 79-meter Lontano, born in the Bassan&Benedetti studio, immediately speaks of serious intentions, and not of peaceful anchorage in weather-protected marinas.

Incredible explorer Lontano

Giulia Bassan and Alessandro Benedetti say the design was inspired by warships, but we also clearly see a silhouette that comes straight from the offshore support vessels that Norwegian shipyard Ulstein mainly builds. This is a great solution because the concept of the inverted bow (X-Bow) has long been proven to be effective in every way. This is a soft entry into the waves, and a very low level of noise and vibration, and less spatter, and fuel economy, and even the process of building of such hulls is easier. What more do you need for the perfect exploration yacht?

Exploration superyacht Lontano

Of course, luxury. 6 spacious cabins, a veranda, a cinema, a swimming pool, a sauna and rooms with a panoramic view are not just amazingly stylish, they create a homely atmosphere and, despite their impressive size, are very cozy.


In addition, the focus has been on the comfort of guests for long stays on board the yacht, with a range of 8,000 nautical miles meaning you can explore the most remote corners of the planet. Even the word Lontano in translation from Italian means “far away”. Therefore, home comfort is a must.

Exploration superyacht interior

But apart from comfort, you need maximum safety at sea. And here the hull of a superyacht based on OSV is simply indispensable. Incredible seaworthiness allows you to pass through rough seas without losing speed, and thanks to the absence of bow impacts on waves, you can sleep peacefully even during a storm.

Exploration superyacht Lontano exterior design

However, let’s just enjoy the design aesthetic. For some unknown reason, brutal OSVs always attract the eye and have a whole army of fans. You can look at them endlessly, just like classic gentlemen’s yachts. After the Bassan&Benedetti studio added comfort and luxury to brutality, the concept of Lontano was born.

Exploration superyacht Lontano design

A real explorer, Lontano is packed full of water (and underwater) toys and tenders, has a helipad, and amazing deck spots for sunbathing and contemplation of seascapes.

Superyacht Lontano

Sure, we all love exploration superyachts, but Bassan&Benedetti’s decision to create a concept based on a platform supply vessel automatically adds Lontano to the top of our list of favorite projects.