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Going to sea, turn off the Internet

Going to sea, turn off the Internet

Updated on October 2nd, 2023

The main advantage that owning a yacht provides is the ability to completely disconnect from the earthly and, most often, useless fuss. Just go on board and forget about everything mortal, leaving all the cares that seem so important on the shore.

This is not easy to do for a modern entrepreneur of any level, who is used to keeping everything under his control 24 hours a day. Typically, our vacation is just a change of work environment with new scenery: on the list of things of paramount importance, the quality of the wireless network is at the top of our list. Technology has opened up new horizons for entrepreneurs, but in return, it has almost completely taken away personal life.

Indeed, it is not easy for many to take a break from working on a business, even for a short time, especially when you have built your company from scratch, spending long months or years on the implementation of plans, reinvesting all the first income back into the business, and at the same time denying yourself elementary things. Business is always like your child.

However, you must have people on your team that you can rely on, no matter how long you are away. Confidence that your business will thrive even if you don’t get in touch for a year is an important factor in both mental and physical health. If there is no such confidence, then it may be worth reconsidering your decision to appoint current employees of the company to responsible positions.

Satellite Internet is now available on almost every yacht, and not everyone can refrain from connecting to the network during their holidays. And not always the desire to be on the Internet is justified by business.

As a yachtsman, you are “allowed” to switch off from time to time, no matter how important you make your role in the company. It can be said that you have an exclusive license to leave the network. After at least a week of not talking on the phone, surfing the Internet and making plans, you will return to your office like a newborn, with a fresh head and a body full of energy.

After leaving the marina, put your smartphone away in the safe. Avoid even taking pictures in order to look at the sea world with your own eyes, and not with the lens of your device. Never forget what yachts are for. You have devoted a lot of time to the cause, and now leave everything for a while and enjoy peace and complete merging with the sea and sky.