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The fleet of modern classics will soon have a long-awaited replenishment. Meet the Gentleman 33 by Picchiotti

Updated on February 17th, 2024

Well, finally we see the long-awaited appearance of elegant classics among a bunch of absolutely gaudy modern yachts. Picchiotti, one of the brands of the Italian Sea Group, has laid the keel of the first boat of the Gentleman series, which we are looking forward to, simply because it is beautiful to look at.

The Gentleman 33 is an aristocrat that will be built entirely from aluminum and finished with noble materials, including mahogany. And, although we don’t really like the straight vertical bow on this type of boat, here it looks quite harmonious. In addition, it allows efficient use of the entire length of the yacht. Engineers claim that they worked hard on environmental friendliness and autonomy, which was reflected in the contours of the hull.

The Gentleman series of yachts can be equipped with hybrid or all-electric propulsion systems. This is what we love most about the modern world: to enjoy cruising on amazing timeless design boats in complete silence and without smelling diesel exhaust. Plus, you should be thrilled that your bilge pumps don’t have to be running 24 hours a day pumping tons of water like they do on antique wooden yachts. With an aluminum body, you have nothing to worry about.

Gentleman 33 by Picchiotti Yachts

The Luca Dini and Yacht Moments teams took part in the development of this project. Generally speaking, when ordering a Gentleman 33, you are actually buying two boats at once, since the tender included in the package is an almost exact miniature of the yacht, with the same finish and hull lines.

Picchiotti is one of the oldest shipyards in the world, and who else but them to create classic models of luxury yachts. We will really hope that they will continue this wonderful tradition, because today we need beautiful elegant boats more than ever.