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Marine limousines from Falcon Tenders will make your superyacht happy

Falcon Tenders for superyacht

Updated on February 17th, 2024

Combining Venetian style, futuristic design, hybrid propulsion and a champagne table, you have a boat that all superyacht owners want to buy. The British company Falcon Tenders thought so too and created unique water limousines so that the guests of your luxury yacht can enjoy their vacation from the very first moments of the cruise.

Falcon Tenders

So now the burning question is whether a superyacht is needed at all, if there is such a cool tender that is so pleasant to be on with a glass in hand that you can decide that this is the culmination of your trip. Apparently, we are not the only ones who have admired these boats, because Falcon Tenders is planning a big expansion of its production due to the ever-increasing number of orders.

Falcon Tenders salon

This company talks a lot about green production, about some technologies loyal to nature, including, of course, an electric drive and all sorts of other high-tech incomprehensible things. We didn’t go into too much detail. We liked this 10.6-meter boat so much that the rest was not so important.

Futuristic design of Falcon Tenders

Typically, superyacht tenders are uniform in design, terribly boring and predictable. They have no other task than to ferry you with your purchases from the shore to the yacht. But this one is a completely different matter. He looks like a good-natured dog that jumps and wags his tail merrily when you get home.

Falcon Tenders will make your superyacht happy

And it’s pretty fast – at 600 hp can accelerate to 30 knots if there are no high waves. In electric mode, the speed will not exceed 9 knots, but the champagne will not spill, and Greta Thunberg will be pleased.

Falcon Tenders engines

All in all, this seems to be one of the coolest superyacht tenders today, which the company is happy to customize for you in Southampton and deliver on its ultra-modern unique trailer in complete safety.