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February 28 – March 3. Dubai Boat Show

Dubai Boat Show

Updated on October 18th, 2023

The Dubai Boat Show is an international event that these days is replete with superyachts and is almost entirely focused on luxury, although in its inception in 1992 that was not the case at all. In those days you wouldn’t see much more than a few modest boats from local manufacturers.

Today, DIBS is not just about superyachts, it’s also about supercars, superplanes, superart, superfashion, superfood, so it’s an incredible opportunity for luxury businesses. However, everything somehow revolves around a marine theme.

Dubai International Boat Show

The boat show takes place in Dubai Harbour, which is not only a tourist center in the Middle East, but also a concentration of the super-rich, whose numbers continue to grow, as do their number of superyachts, the second largest fleet in the world. Thus, DIBS is an important hub for the expansion of European shipyards and yacht companies across EMEA.