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A successful collaboration: Baglietto and Francesco Paszkowski

An extremely successful collaboration: Baglietto and Francesco Paszkowski

Updated on February 17th, 2024

Baglietto is one of the most amazing shipyards that has delighted us with its motor yachts for over 160 years. Few companies can boast such a long and rich history, from victories in water racing to universally recognizable superyachts, the style of which has not been lost over the years, regardless of technical innovations and design trends.

This is largely due to the incredibly successful cooperation of the shipyard with the design studio Francesco Paszkowski, which has been creating projects for Baglietto since the end of the last century. These boats require no introduction and after many years they will still attract the attention of buyers, and therefore will not lose much in value.

Of course, the studios of Ezequiel Farca, Horacio Bozzo and Vafiadis have also successfully made history with the shipyard, which has brought their designs to life, building custom superyachts that we really love.

Baglietto Club M - design by Horacio Bozzo
Baglietto Club M – design by Horacio Bozzo

Their line, it seems to us, brought a little romance to the collection, adding elements of explorer yachts to the traditional fast silhouettes of Francesco Paszkowski. And this could not help but touch our hearts.

However, the T52 hybrid, unveiled in 2023, is definitely one of the most beautiful superyachts that sail the oceans today. Here Francesco Paszkowski and his team seem to have brought together all the best ideas. But the excellent result that we can now see became possible only thanks to the vast experience and talent of the designer.

Baglietto T52
Baglietto T52

However, there is an obvious downside to owning this yacht. On the one hand, you would most likely spend all the time next to her on the tender, sailing on a parallel course to admire her from the side. On the other hand, the interiors, created in collaboration with Margherita Casprini, are so pleasant and cozy that you would never want to leave them.

But, without a doubt, the captain was the luckiest here. Because steering such a beauty from this futuristic navigation bridge is unforgettable.

Navigation bridge

There’s one element we particularly like on the T52 – the low stern space, which has no high ladders, is completely free of huge tender garages and offers lounging as close to the water’s surface as possible. The open design of the stern area in the style of brutal support vessels is exactly what we have been missing on superyachts today. But what’s surprising is how harmoniously Francesco Paszkowski’s studio was able to integrate it into the sportily sharp lines of the hull.

Baglietto T52 at full speed

And, due to the fact that some nerds will still demand some numbers from us, here is some brief information about the performance of the hybrid version of the yacht:

LOA: 52,3 m
Beam: 9 m
GT: 497
Hull: High tensile steel
Superstructure: Aluminium
Max speed: 17 kn
Cruise speed: 11 kn
Range at cruising speed: up to 4800 NM
Range at 7 kn: 7800 NM
Main engines: 2 x MTU 16V2000M86
Electric motor shaft gen: 2 x 150 kW, liquid cooled
Lithium Ion battery pack: 297 kWh (up to 594 kWh), liquid cooled

Baglietto T52 Hybrid Yacht performance