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Advertising & Sponsorship

Our yachting magazine and marketplace offers various options for effective advertising and information support for your business. Digital advertising is placed on two platforms at once: Nautical Expert and Yacht Request. You can place two different banners, this does not affect the total price.

Nautical Expert statistics:

  • Views per month: 39.000
  • Average visit duration: 3.2 min
  • Visitors by region: EMEA – 63%, Americas – 22%, Asia – 9%, Oceania – 6%
  • The main interests of visitors: reviews and purchase of motor yachts, industry news, related services.


Yacht Request statistics:

  • Views per month: 28.000
  • Average visit duration: 5.3 min
  • Visitors by region: Europe – 81%, Americas – 15%


Digital advertising

With a small limited number of banner placements, we can guarantee visitor loyalty and excellent visibility for your company. Banners are not rotated, each place is occupied by only one advertiser.

Main banner

The main banner (Leaderboard) is placed at the very top of the sites, under the menu. It is displayed on absolutely all pages of the magazine and marketplace without exception.

Price:  €360 / 3 months

Reserved until 31 December 2023

Banners on internal pages

These ad units are displayed on all news, article, and listing pages.

Price:  €270 / 3 months

Banner on the home page

This banner is displayed only on the main pages of the magazine and marketplace.

Price:  €150 / 3 months


Sponsored content

There is no better way to introduce your yachts, marine products and services to potential clients than by publishing editorial articles. We will completely write an article that will be really interesting to our visitors. The article will contain a link to your website, will be shared on our social networks and sent out in a weekly newsletter to magazine subscribers.

Price:  €280


For advertising inquiries, please contact